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Working on a fish specimen is true passion for me, I will start by taking exact measurements of your specimen and then will hand carve the body to make sure that you have the most realistic fish, like the one that you had the enjoyment of catching.

No detail will be overlooked from the natural gills, detailed mouth interior to the transparent flexible fins. Finally, the most important step in creating a truly life-like trophy is in the painting. I use a combination of transparent and semi-transparent air brush paint allowing the original markings and spot patterns to show through.

I will then hi-lite them and hand paint them using powdered paints to outline and hi-lite the colors that are supposed to be there. I will hand tip all scales to give the trophy the most realistic appearance. Each fish if you look has a distinct pattern from the teardrop on a steelhead to the vertical barring of a walleye. With my passion for fish let me create for you an underwater natural scenery, an action fighting pose a three dimensional pedestal a water splash scene. Do not settle for the fish that is painted with just an airbrush, look at your fish and know that there is more there than just a basic paint job.

Cold Water

Warm Water


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