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Our life size mounts whether the smallest to the largest. We will give 100% to the accuracy and the expression of an animal in its natural surroundings. We devote our time and effort with the customer the minute they walk in the door. We will go over positioning of the animal, we will go over the pose whether it will be aggressive, semi aggressive, or a casual natural look.

We will go over what type of habitat will look natural with the animal. Expression is everything when considering a life size mount. Anybody can slip a skin over a manikin and sew it up. If it's a coyote, you will know it is a coyote.

But to recreate this properly you must know about the anatomy, muscle structure, and proper facial characteristics. You would be amazed by how just a slight raise of an eyebrow or the tweak of an ear can change the whole attitude (expression) of the mount. Let us be creative with unique Poses and natural habitat scenes the end result will show.

Choosing a life-size mount is a fantastic way to show the magnificence of the animal in the wild. You can make an almost exact replication of the animal in its natural habitat. You can choose from an assortment of artificial sceneries to accommodate your ideas.  You can get as creative as you like--just ask!  A life-size mount allows you to pick the scenery to surround the animal from rocks to sticks and logs to an assortment of grasses or vegetation. We can display your trophy on a pedestal, a platform, elevated, or at ground level. We can do anything from big game animals like sheep, bears, and mountain lions to smaller animals such as bobcats, coyotes, foxes or raccoons. 

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