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Rugs are a great finishing touch to any trophy room, home, or office whether the're laying in front of a fireplace, used as a wall hanging, or as a throw across a bed. The most common animal mounted as a rug is the bear; however, you can display many different types of animals in this manner. You may be surprised to see how stunning a coyote or raccoon looks as a rug.

All of our rugs will have a double felt border with a multitude of colors to choose from that will allow the animal to be highlighted against the border. The actual backing that we use is a high quality durable fabric that is very easy to clean unlike a solid felt backing that attracts dust and dirt. We use a double padding to give your rug a full and plush look. All of this is professionally machine sewn directly to the hide - not just hot glued like those of lesser quality. We include 5 hangers, one on each paw and a double on the head itself to allow you to hang the rug in whatever position you would like. Attention is given to every detail. We use only the finest tanneries and the highest quality materials available. Simply put, we believe you will not find a higher quality, more durable rug mount anywhere.

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